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My apologies for not blogging, this whole caring for a baby really takes up most of your time. I realized that I started blogging in my third trimester around 28 weeks when my body started coming out of alignment and I was off work. Now, I am seven months (around 28 weeks) postpartum and find myself in a similar scenario. My body is now adjusting to not having a baby in it. I thought that as soon as I had the baby, all the aches and pains would go away and life would be grand! Well, life is certainly grander with a little one but self care seems to have gone out the window, I no longer have a midwife to coach me through things, just a doctor I haven’t seen since I got pregnant and when I asked if I should have any type of follow up appointment after the baby was born she said I wasn’t due for a physical until next year, so unless something was troubling me I could wait until then. I continued seeing my chiropractor but took a break for a couple of months while I waited for the renewal of my benefits, big mistake, I pulled my back changing a diaper in the middle of the night on a pack and play. I’m getting regular adjustments but want to dig deeper into what’s going on. When I was at this point during pregnancy I went to physio and an osteopath as well as chiropractor to find the right mix, so I made an appointment to see an osteopath again, just to get another opinion on what’s going on with my back and body. It’s the same thing as when I was pregnant, my sacrum and psoas muscle and now I’m lifting and carrying an 18lb baby who is only going to get bigger and more physically demanding.

I’ve also been struggling to loose this so called “baby weight”, as soon as I had the baby I immediately lost 10-15 pounds and thought wow! This is amazing, but then came the hunger of breast feeding, the sleepless nights and the physical demands of caring for a newborn, oh and healing from the major surgery of a cesarean. I though I was hungry during my last trimester, wanting to snack all the time, but that was because only little bits of food would fit into me because of the baby, now that she’s free I have a void and breast feeding sucks the nutrition out of you and makes you hungry and thirsty. Some women loose weight while breastfeeding and others (like me) hold onto that good fat, lucky me, argh! I started logging food into My Fitness Pal which I mockingly refer to as “My Fat Ass Pal” and have had some luck (8lbs in a month) but between irregular sleep and an over-active appetite it’s a challenge. I started doing Belly Bootcamp which is physically challenging and encouraging, it’s with other mamas and babes and there is a focus on the pelvic floor and closing the diastasis recti gap. What is that? Well, if you still look pregnant months after giving birth, you may have this, it’s when the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen separate during pregnancy, leaving a gap that allows your belly to pooch out. Click here to read how it happens.

Because I’ll be working on taking care of myself and baby I will also be working to switch the focus of this website to more of an events resource for moms, listing FREE activities and events in Toronto to attend with your baby.  Most early years centres have a calendar you can download but there are also free workshops at baby stores and centres and wouldn’t it be great to see ALL these events in one calendar? Well, that’s the goal, it may take me a while but stay tuned!