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I’ve been wearing my baby since she was born in either a moby wrap or baby bjorn.  I find it calms her if she’s out of sorts and instantly puts her at ease and even asleep at times.  As the weather gets cooler in Canada, we had our first snowfall last night, I’m finding it harder to bundle up my baby and me.  I have a winter cover for the baby bjorn but that still leaves my jacket open and wind coming through and nothing fits from last winter.  So this brings me to my babywearing jacket search online.  I kept seeing an advertisement on facebook for this three in one jacket for 50% off at $39 with free shipping.  I almost clicked on it until I did a Google search on the jacket and read the comments.  Some were satisfied but many were saying the material was cheap, zipper broke, not warm enough and took forever to ship.

Then I found the real deal, the originator of the jacket in Berlin Vivalamama on Etsy.  I clicked on the jacket and ordered it! Then I had buyers remorse and cancelled the order because I was nervous about additional shipping fees and how long it might take to arrive.  I emailed the company and they quickly and kindly refunded the order.  I asked about shipping and duties and it was going to take 3-5 days to process and 5-10 days to ship and we were moving in a month so I went back online to search and found Fun2BEMum and ordered through there with expedited shipping, I would get it in a week at the same cost as the other jacket.  But, I was still nervous, so I emailed the owners and they assured me the jacket was as advertised and that I would get it in a week in this new colour.  I waited for what seemed like forever but was indeed six business days since the order.  I had to pay an additional $26 for duties to UPS and paid the maximum for shipping through Amazon but it was all worth it.  The jacket is amazing! Well designed with three inserts, one for maternity or larger fit, one for baby, and on it’s own as a polar fleece jacket.  I tried it with baby and went for a walk on the first negative degree day in Toronto and it was fantastic! I predict I will be wearing this jacket everyday this winter and will gt my money back in wear.  I highly recommend buying from either of these companies and warn other moms about the quality of the other jackets.  Another mommy blogger actually wrote about a similar scam through last year here.

I Wish You Wouldn’t

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Fun2BEmum and Vivalamama