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So happy to announce the birth of Miss Olivia Christine Vindedzis on August 2nd at 8:55AM, 6lbs 11oz, at St Joseph Hospital Toronto Our Lady Of Mercy Birthing Centre.

As a breech baby until her final weeks it was a Cesarean that brought her into the world. I’ve never had surgery or been in a hospital for anything serious so this was a big deal to me. Everyone involved was amazing from start to finish.  I was referred to an O.B. by my midwife but still had her and a student in the operating room for support.  We arrived two hours early to a quiet hospital wing, I was prepped and ready by 8:10AM and had the baby out by 8:55AM. The spinal anesthesia was intense and took longer than I expected, I held onto a pillow and the support of my midwives, this is something they have to get right so it’s worth the wait and initial pain, and when done you’re numb from the waist down.  I got the shivers pretty quickly but they warned me about that and I’d rather that than the nausea that can come.  We were in hospital for two nights and home before the weekend.  Happy to be home but also overwhelmed with the new responsibility of a newborn, I relied on my husband, family, friends and the midwife for support and am very grateful!

I’ve always wanted to breast feed my baby, as soon as I learned I was pregnant I began researching the topic and there are a lot of resources, especially in Toronto, plus I had the support of a midwife which is amazing, especially after you get home and they’re able to come and visit you an baby.  I got lucky with a baby who literally came out suckling ready for the boob and she latched right away and my colostrum came in right after birth and transitioned to milk in the days to follow.  My only worry was that I was breast feeding too much because she would go for 3-4hrs at a time, but apparently you can’t over feed a newborn. So my first few days as a mom were her on my boob alternating while my amazing husband cooked food and served me. Recovery from a cesarean is also intense, you can’t use any of your abdominal muscles so getting up or down requires some assistance.  You spend most of your time in the upright position, even in bed I had pillows propping me up so I could feed at night, so I just learned to sleep sitting up.  Now, I’m on the mend and starting to lie down more and move around a bit but you have to take it slow, one day at a time.

Here’s to new beginnings! Now that I have this precious little girl, I can’t imagine life without her.  I’ve read about birth, witnessed others having and raising children, but never, until I’ve had my own could experience the overwhelming feeling of love for another human being.  This goes for my husband as well, his love mirrors mine and ours for our new little girl.  I know everyday won’t be sunshine and roses and there will be road blocks and changes but it’s all worth it!