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After all the research and training I’ve done to Prepare for Birth I’ve elected to have the dreaded much judged C Section, for many reasons.  My baby is still Breech at 36 weeks and her head is very large (2 weeks ahead of term) so getting her to turn and get out of my pelvis would be a serious challenge.  I went through all my options including an External Version where they try to manually turn her but it’s only 58% effective and can cause both baby and mama stress, plus when my midwife felt my growing stomach, the head was prominent, large, up and pretty set in it’s place, so why mess with her.  I’ve been trying all the Spinning Babies techniques along with many others I wrote about in my Breech Breech Baby post and she still hasn’t moved, stubborn Leo I say! So with the consult of my mother and midwife I’ve elected to have a C Section.

The guilt that comes along with admitting that is huge, but it shouldn’t be, I’ve been looking up videos on how to prepare for this surgery instead of birthing and what comes along with it.  How to I maintain skin to skin contact, how can I involve the birthing team I’ve already elected, will my milk still come in time to feed the baby, will I bond with the baby the same, how will recovery go, will I be able to care for my baby in the same way? So many questions.  I found a good article; What No One Tells You About C Section Guilt and 10+ Things No One Tells You About C-sections.

Here I found some great suggestion for A Gentle Cesarean Birth Plan:

  • Dropping the drape or using a clear drape so that mom can actually witness the birth of her baby (especially since she won’t be able to see the incision because of its placement
  • Immediate skin-to-skin once baby is born and while mom is being repaired if possible. If not, dad can have skin to skin with baby while mom is being repaired.
  • Fostering of the early nursing relationship by having baby on mom’s chest during the rest of the procedure so baby can start to nurse if he/she desires
  • Using a specially cultured gauze to swab the baby and expose him/her to mom’s beneficial bacteria
  • Letting the dad cut the cord if circumstances allow
  • Keeping mom, dad and baby together in the recovery unit to let nursing and bonding happen
  • Allowing for an extra person (doula, grandparent, etc) to be there to photograph the birth so that mom and dad can both interact right away
  • Have music of choice playing if possible
  • Having all IVs, straps, etc on the non-dominant arm so that mom can touch and hold baby once he or she is born
  • Performing all newborn tests on mom’s chest if possible
  • Ensuring that all medications are approved for breastfeeding, if possible
  • Letting the cord continue pulsing after birth if possible

Lastly I would add, have a Midwife, Douala or family representative that can speak for your needs in the room with you.  I am lucky enough to have all three, probably just my husband in the room but my Midwife is also part of The Toronto Midwife Alliance who work directly with the hospital and know the doctors and will be able to advocate for me with a Birth Plan that is right for both me and the baby and that gives me great confidence going into this.

So now I just wait, try NOT to go into labour and  get a DUE DATE!

And I just found this great article on attitudes towards C-Sections!

My Smug Attitude Didn’t Save Me From A C-Section