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How to fit a baby into a one bedroom condo.

So we moved just under a year ago to the condo of our dreams and never want to move again, even with a baby coming. Lots of friends and family have asked if we’re moving and we just say, so we’ll make it work, babies are little for the first year, right!? Now in saying this we know they come with a lot of baggage and lifestyle changes but when you think about it, moving in the first year really doesn’t make sense, my income is cut in half and why decorate a bedroom for a baby that needs you constantly throughout the night. So we re arrange and decorate. First off, we had to move the bed in order to create some room on either side. Then we moved the cat tree or cat condo (yes, we have two cats) out of the bedroom and into the living room, they’ve been trampling us to get to it anyway and are becoming way too frisky at night for us to sleep though. Next was shelving, my closet has already been paired down as much as possible. So I put a shelf high up and got four cloth baskets to store baby clothes and things, hopefully that will suffice. So we had exactly 36″ for this baby beside the bed, the only bassinet on the market thay fits is the Halo, and I read nothing but great things about it, the only problem is it retails new for $300. The good and bad news is that you can only use this bassinet while the baby is small (3-6 months) depending on when they start rolling and standing up, so many people try to sell them used online. We looked and looked and finally found an ad for a used Halo at a reasonable price in Toronto, score! It fit perfectly, let’s hope the baby likes it as well. If you’ve never heard of the Halo, check out the link below. As the baby gets older we plan to get a mini crib becauase again we only have about 36″ x 26″ for this in our bedroom and I’ll have to get rid of my shoe rack and jewelry stand haha like I’ll have time for any of that. So, if you’re struggling to fit a baby into a small space like us I suggest the following:

  • Build up! Look beyond the floor and up to the ceiling, IKEA has great shelving and storageoptions
  • Measure twice and order wisely, many bassinets and cribs on the market do not fit our space and I really had to research to find the right fit
  • Create a photo wall, I framed our last ultrasound and mixed in some original art ad Ikea frames of different sizes and colours.
  • Buy used, babies are only babies so long so why buy everything new when you can get something that is barely used at a fraction of the price