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Getting a good night’s sleep while pregnant is a challenge! I have always loved sleeping and want to make sure I get the best night’s sleep that I can now, while we have the room to ourselves, but sleeping with a growing baby bump becomes more and more of a challenge.  Here are some tips that are helping me get through the night.

Your mattress:  I was ready to chuck our mattress out the window in need of a little more cushion, so I started researching all the memory foam mattresses that are out there.  The Endy Mattress is all the rage and is delivered to your door in a compact package, it’s Canadian and claims it’s “A meticulously crafted and balanced sleep experience. A mattress for all.” and costs between $675-$950.  There is also the leesa matress $660-1160, Lucid  and a ton of others on  The mattress industry has really changed in the last few years we’ve gone from luxury coil mattress sets that were at least $1000 to compact foam mattresses starting at $600, perhaps it’s because our living spaces are smaller and because foam technology has advanced, either way the market is flooded, in a good way with lots of options.  Because time is running out and we plan on upgrading to a larger mattress (double – queen!), we ended up going to Sleep Country Canada and getting a memory foam mattress topper to get us through this period and will look into buying a new mattress later on.  The mattress topper was great! We had as great nights sleep and it raised our bed about two inches.  It’s seem that foam mattresses are the future for beds, easier to move, flexible, durable and better for your back.

Pillows are another great way to prop yourself into the right position.  The standard body pillow works or two separate pillows.  I use one regular sized pillow under my legs and another throw pillow under either my belly or arm and that seems to work just fine.  There are tons of pregnancy pillows available in various sizes that can help too, but what do you do with them after? It’s up to you, sleep is important and you should use all the props you can get.

Today’s Parent featured an article and VIDEO with CityLine that have some great tips as well!

So sleep tight fellow pregnant mamas! Soon we’ll be up all night with baby.