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I contemplated getting newborn photos for a while and wondered if it was worth it; the cost; the trouble; the potential for babies to poop or pee during the shoot etc. I waited a month because I needed my body to heal and for baby to be on track with her weight and health.  Apparently a month is no longer a newborn, but since Olivia is so small you can’t tell, other than the fact she was awake for some of it.  I was initially going to recreate newborn photos myself with the help of photographer friends and family but then I realized, there’s an art to this, you can’t just stick a baby in a bucket and have them look cute, it’s all about timing and patience and good props, lighting and editing and I have none of those.  So I scanned the social media world and looked for recommendations and found Chocolate-Box Photography.  Because I wanted to get pics before the month has past, I booked the shoot mid week for the upcoming Friday and had photos by Monday, talk about fast turn around! I offered to come to them at their apartment instead of the studio to make things easier and the photographer had her sister there to help, what an amazing duo.  They both knew exactly how to handle a newborn, I even learned some tricks on how to calm baby.  The first half of the shoot we all stayed quiet and Olivia kept waking up, the second half we realized she liked it loud, I always keep music on at home and she doesn’t mind visitors or parties so we kept talking loud and singing and she fell asleep.  I definitely learned some tips and tricks if you’re planning on doing a newborn photo-shoot:

  • Make sure baby is fed, babies tend to sleep after they eat and sleeping shots are always the best
  • Check the diaper and bring extras and a pee pad, Olivia peed on one of the cloth backdrops as soon as we removed her diaper
  • Keep things the way baby likes them, be it loud or quiet
  • Bring a soother, we used one in between shots to calm her
  • Tap their bottom and rock them softly, like you’re putting them to bed
  • Be patient, these shoots may advertise an hour but it usually takes 3-4hrs to capture them in different poses
  • Get references and referrals, I went to social media and mom groups, good people know good people

That’s all, I am so happy with the end result and so glad I took the time to do a professional shoot rather than try it myself.