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Fashion has NOT been a priority but it has been a challenge.  Postpartum your body changes from day to day and you’re sore all over and your boobs leak and clothing is not much of a concern but necessary.  For a fashionista like me it’s been really challenging, trying to figure out how to be comfortable and not look too shabby.  I think now that I’m two months out I’ve finally found my groove and have some tips to share when it comes to fashion with a baby.  I had to go through my entire wardrobe and figure out what fits now, what might fit later and asked the question “can I get my boob out of this” something I never thought of during pregnancy.  I put wardrobe covers over anything that did’t fit or was too hard to clean (too fancy) or constricting so I didn’t have to look at them and get confused every time I opened the closet, I only wanted to see what I could currently wear. Today’s Parent did a great article about fashionable nursing clothes that inspired me to put together a few postpartum fashion items I found worked.

Light cotton tops for nursing
Look for longer styles with stretch and drape.  I found Old Navy and Joe Fresh great for online shopping and good pricing, especially for clothing that’s going to end up with puke or spit up on it at some point.

Button-up shirts
It’s fall so bring on the O-mighty plaid shirts, they’re soft, comfortable, hide stains, timeless and easy to wash!

I may live in leggings this year and am starting to get bored of black and grey so I ordered some from The Purple Puddle, I had a few from when I met the owners at a Summer festival and remembered how cool they were

I read an article in the Toronto Star about Kimono fashion and remembered meeting Ashley from Monday Muse at a festival so I went online and ordered four kimonos: two sheer and two cotton and love them, they really improve an outfit as in you can wear a tank top and leggings, put on a kimono and boom! You’re dressed and looking fashionable.

Waterfall cardigans
These have been in fashion for a while now and they’re great to put over leggings or jeans and help cover while nursing.

Wrap, tube, maxi dresses & skirts
I had two skirts from Thyme Maternity that could double as dresses and I wore them a lot postpartum because they were light and didn’t touch or rub any of my vulnerable parts.  I also ordered a nursing dress on Amazon what has easy boob access and a wrap front and found two more at Thyme Maternity that wrap around and provide easy access.  Long dresses are good because they cover the legs, less shaving haha and provide better coverage for those hot but cold days along with changing temperatures, I was always hot and cold.

Comfortable shoes: Birkenstock’s, slip’on’s and clogs
I never thought I’d see the day I wore Birks daily as a fashion “do” but it has come to this, while pregnant only a few pairs of shoes fir because of feet swelling and now I just don’t have the time for laces or zippers so I’ve found slip on’s the best.  When I did Physio for my back they recommended Nike flyknot runners and I’ve worn them a lot since, they slip on and you don’t need socks.  I also got a pair of rubber Birks (cheaper than the leather) and now I got a pair of clog Birks for the fall, I opted for the felt version, again cheaper!

So that’s where I’m at, always looking for cheap cheerful clothing that I can wear and feel good in but not care if they get throw up on, I’ve already changed three times today #momlife