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Many women refer to the first three months after birth as the fourth trimester.  According to BabyCentre.UK the term is used to describe a period of great change and development in your newborn, as she adjusts to her new world outside your womb. You may find the term “trimester” odd, since your baby is already born.  But think how much she still needs to develop over these next few months, from refining and developing all her senses and controlling her reflexes, to learning how to respond to you and your partner. The mental and physical strides your baby takes during her first three months are just as important to her development as those she took in your womb.

Here are 8 Ways To Create A Great One For Your Baby from

1. Wear Your Baby
2. Bring On The Skin!
3. Fill’er Up!
4. Bed Sharing or Co-Sleeping
5. Offer The Breast If Baby Wants It
6. Getting Out and About
7. Swaddle Your Baby
8. Hammock Your Baby

Some of these are working for us and some are not, each baby and parent is different and it’s a time of adjustment for both you and baby.  I posted these photos to show that it’s not all naps and cuddles in the beginning, it’s figuring out what works for you and baby and trial and error, and you have to allow yourself to make mistakes and adjustments.

I’ve been struggling with low milk supply for my baby since she was born, which I wrote about in my GOT MILK!? blog post.  I breastfed exclusively for the first two weeks but she lost weight and I began to supplement with formula and take Doperidone for milk supply, it’s been a month and I’m still not producing enough milk to meet her hunger needs.  I’ve been researching formulas like crazy and there are so many on the market; powder vs. ready to feed, organic, store brand, Canadian-made, American-made, whey, soy, omega, iron, DHA, ADH content etc. and then there’s your babys’ preference.  I found a list of Best Baby Formulas of 2017 and we’ve tried Nestle Good Start and Kirkland but are finding the ready to feed easier for her to digest so now we’re on to PC Organics Omega+ Formula and PC Omega+ Ready-To-Feed Concentrated Infant Formula.

The fourth trimester is a challenge but one that we’ve been preparing for nine months for.  It’s not always pretty, it’s not always glamorous but it’s all worth it! Reach out and connect with other mamas.  I’ve joined a Mommy Connections group that starts next week and hope to share my journey with other like minded moms there too.