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I’m officially in my third trimester and it is kicking my ass! I’ve gone from people not knowing I was pregnant to people stopping me and asking when I’m due and I still have over two months to go.  I had such a small bump at 20 weeks, medium at 25 and by 28 weeks this baby girl doubled in size and my body is adjusting.

I went for a blood screening test and am on the border for gestational diabetes.   Between three and 20 per cent of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes, depending on their risk factors.  See more at 

I’ve also developed some serious back pain stemming from my left side making it painful to stand, walk or sit for long periods of time.  I’m looking into chiropractor, physio and osteopath options along with picking up some prenatal yoga classes to help stretch out my muscles and ease the pain.   Here are some tips to staying comfortable in the third trimester.  

We are lucky to have a full year of Maternity and Paternity Leave in Canada and because I’m employed full time with benefits I also have short term disability coverage but navigating these systems has been a challenge.  From using allotted Vacation Days, Sick Days, Floating Days to submitted a Leave of Absence, then Disability Leave then Maternity Leave and then Paternity Leave, there are many different things to consider and file.  To know your options visit  

I’m just so surprised that so much of the pregnancy is in this third trimester, I knew it was going to be a challenge but now when I see other mamas with their bellies I can relate, and the summer hasn’t even started!

Lifestyle adjustments have to be made:

DIET: A balanced diet is always a good idea but especially during this trimester.  Be sure to get your daily dose of calcium.  I’ve upped my Iron and got a better quality prenatal vitamin that you take three times a day.  Here’s a list of the TOP 10 BEST FOODS FOR PREGNANCY.

SHOES: Normal shoes don’t fit and your feet begin to swell so look for adjustable shoes; Clarks, Birkenstocks, Born, Romika, and start shopping at Walking On a Cloud and Naturalizer.  My Physio guy recommends Nike Flyknit shoes for comfort.  

CLOTHES: Maternity clothes are about the only things that still fit along with some very forgiving a-line dresses.  Look for items you can wear pre-post birth including nursing bras, top and cardigans.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: It’s probably the last thing from your mind as you struggle to move around but it’s important to walk every day and stretch, a baby has to come out of you and you better be ready to stretch!

SPINNING THE BABY: Yes, it’s a thing, if your baby hasn’t moved their head down yet (like mine) it’s time to encourage them to move on down through certain stretches and activities, one of which feels like standing on your head.  Check out 

Cheers to this last trimester mamas!